recorded by Gabriele Boi at Sleepwalkers recording studio in Cagliari, Sardinia - Italy. Mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna) in Umea, Sweden

Artwork by www.blacksailsdesign.com


released February 7, 2011



all rights reserved


RUNES Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Age Of Enlightment
This is the death of understanding
And will be the birth of true frustration
I’m thrown out and I’m cast aside
Nothing hurts more than being in love with a lie.

A corner of hell that’s not even this dark.

I’m on a death march going nowhere but down
And I can’t help but feel this is the only route out.
I’m waiting for nothing on bated breath
How can I put this restlessness to rest?

A corner of hell that’s not even this dark.

All I ever wanted was something else.
All I ever wanted was someone else.

I want something else.
I want someone else.
Track Name: New Old Wounds
I’m only lonely when I’m all alone
Because I know I’m in such bad company.
You’re only holy when you’re not whole.
Because otherwise it just wouldn’t suit me.

The ceilings falling down on me.

Something’s pulling me under. I’m sinking down.
Track Name: Human, All Too Human
Always searching for a hold on security
But nowhere ever seems to feel like home to me.
Everything changes
quicker and quicker with time

I wish I was as hollow as you
But I’m stuck with this feeling of solitude.
Let down, Lo and Behold.
These pockets are empty and these arms are closed.

Reckless. Loveless.

The hand that welcomed me in
Is now the hand that’s keeping me down
Gave it up for a makeshift bed
In your dead end town.

Reckless. Loveless.

Take me home. I want to go home.